Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Words: NATO War Crimes

Today's Chicago Tribune featured an exchange between Eric Zorn and Andy Thayer on why people are protesting NATO.

It's important that people are turning to the substance of the protests against NATO, particularly in a mainstream media outlet. It's important that everyone join this debate. There are many comments on the Zorn-Thayer article already - please take the time to comment yourself, and share this debate with others via Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog, and other means.

Personally, I was struck by the irony of Zorn's request that Andy boil his objections to NATO down to an "elevator pitch." Here's how I responded to the post on the Tribune website:
"The war machine under discussion -- NATO -- commands 70% of world military spending, but could you please boil your critique down to 100 words or less?"

This approach -- "don't waste my time with the details" -- is exactly why we've gotten into the mess we're in. We live in a state of permawar, with crimes committed ad seriatum against those least able to defend themselves.

The war crimes of NATO would fill an encyclopedia: hey - there's an idea! Since the leaders of NATO will be here in Chicago, and we have lots of courtrooms in Chicago -- let's hold a war crimes tribunal!

And -- yes -- we will be sure to boil the summary of the indictment down to 100 words or less.
(This isn't the first time I've talked about the disparity between NATO and the people who oppose it: see "War, War Protests, and Technology".)

DON'T STAND ON THE SIDELINES! Why are you protesting NATO?

NOW! NATO in just FIVE words ...! #NATOin5

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