Saturday, April 7, 2012

#NATOin5: How Chicago Activists Used Twitter to Reveal NATO's True Face

People have been tweeting their summaries of NATO in just 5 words (hashtag: #NATOin5). (It all started with an interview between Eric Zorn and Andy Thayer about NATO .... )

Here are some examples; go to the list at the bottom and vote for your favorites by retweeting them!


@SocialistViews: we supported them killing Gaddafi

@Spell_Better: It's spelled "cemetery". Spell better.

@ShaggyBull: Neo Authoritarians and Totalitarian Oligarchs

@protestnato: "US/NATO Hands Off #Afghanistan #Iran" precise & confronts the warmongers where they're most vulnerable to resistance

@Onedinline2010: Cheers the pirates of Somalia

@Satyagrahi_ji: Activists Hunger Strike Against NATO

@RKNJL: X is comin for ya

@SocialistViews: "oppose their tactics not goals"

@Scarry: disgraceful stain on #Chicago's spring #ChicagoSpring #bloodyNATO @OccupyChicago #getoutofourtown

@Scarry: not sterile or bland. bloody.

@DSweetWCW: Dede Miller says #NATO naturally antagonistic thugs outofcontrol. I say #warcrimes: interventions with "humanitarian" cover.

@d_r_ford: bombing away all independent states

@d_r_ford: hegemony in the Middle East

@RKNJL: Bombing for your freedom... Freedom?

@Protestation: destruction torture slaughter extermination genocide

@panaceamedia: 1) War Machine disguised as Goodwill 2) Reverse Robinhood of the World 3) Stealing resources while offering condolences

@jilreb: war criminals crazy unconscionable immoral

@nat_riverascott: deception, genocide, corruption, sold, threat.

@RKNJL: 4... 3... 2... 1... FIRE!

@justinwooten: murdering, lying, thieving, raping terrorists

@dravazed: A bomb in every basket. Whoops--that makes it sound like terrorism. Sorry. 8^*

@OpPinkPower: We are after your oil

@ripunzelle: Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organisation / Neo Apologists Taking Over / Nice Arsenal, Terrible Aspirations

@dravazed: We bomb who we want.

@opticaldensity: neoliberal Nuclear Armed Terrorist Organization

@soit_goes: Claiming Humanitarianism Protecting Self Interests

@luzbek: Neobarbarian Robocop Expanding Neoliberal Dictatorship

@vinceperritano: Chicago Demands NFZ for Syria

@thurnandtaxis: uNATOned coloNizATiOn’s iNstigATOrs with detoNATOrs

@JahsFinest: #ShittyPeopleWhoRunIt

@Mikenreich: They Kill People For Profit

@ChicagoWCW: Demobilize Disarm Disband Dissolve Prosecute #NATO

@worldcantwait: North Atlantic (plus a few former Soviet satellite states) War Crimes Organization." Parentheses don't count, right?

@futureup2us: War criminals alliance for empire.

@Scarry: permawar ... machine ... expansion ... dangerous ... criminal

How would YOU sum up #NATO in 5 words? #NATOin5

See Flashback: Protesting NATO in Chicago - May, 2012

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