Thursday, March 1, 2012

War, War Protests, and "Technology"

It's official: the media in Chicago has shifted gears from talking about Rahm Emanuel's "Sit Down and Shut Up!" ordinances -- reporting which was, admittedly, never more than a head fake in that direction -- to pre-reporting the issue of "Violence and the NATO/G8 Summit." For instance, that's what ABC was asking about at the demonstration against the suppression of the Occupy Movement on Tuesday, February 28, at LaSalle and Jackson.

And so it's time for us to practice our response:
"I'm glad you want to talk about the issue of NATO/G8 and violence. Where's the real violence? Let's begin in Afghanistan . . . . "
If we can succeed in focusing just a small percentage of the media queries about "NATO/G8 and violence" onto the specific acts of violence of NATO/G8, spring in Chicago will have been very successful indeed!

Tomahawk missile from

As we prepare for an upcoming drum circle at LaSalle and Jackson, the question occurred to me: "NATO has aircraft carriers and Tomahawk missiles ... we have buckets turned upside down to be used as drums ... which dangerous technology will the state rush to disable?"

Think about it:

Aircraft carriers and Tomahawk missiles.


Celebrating a drummer from Occupy Chicago on Katalusis

Where's the real violence?

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As the Obama administration expresses fury at Pakistani resistance to further NATO war operations and excludes Pakistan's president from the NATO Summit, members of the wider community will gather to memorialize people killed by U.S. airstrikes and drone attacks in Pakistan as well as in the U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S./NATO operations in Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere. Recognizing what veterans on Sunday called "the burden of blood that has stained these medals", Trinity Church has opened its lawn to expressions of grief and remembrance by the entire community.

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Eric Zorn has been pushing - BOIL DOWN YOUR MESSAGE! - and I think he's right. Can we come up with 5 words that sum up NATO?

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It's time that we stopped kidding ourselves and faced the TRUE nature of NATO.

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It's way too easy to launch U.S. missiles. (Maybe if it were a little more costly, challenging, or painful to carry out these attacks, they would at least require someone to give an explanation that makes sense first.)

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