Monday, April 9, 2012


It's time that we stopped kidding ourselves and faced the TRUE nature of NATO.

For too long, we've accepted a sterile portrait of NATO - just a bunch of leaders and bureaucrats ... at worst some military planners ... people in pressed uniforms going to meetings over in Europe somewhere.

Here's the real face of NATO:

NATO = Extrajudicial Executions

NATO = Attacks Against Civilians

NATO = Torture

NATO is not sterile or bland. NATO is bloody. Dangerous. Deadly.

It's time to face facts ....

Post-NATO, people are continuing to talk about the true face of NATO:

See Flashback: Protesting NATO in Chicago - May, 2012

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(April 6, 2012) Eric Zorn has been pushing - BOIL DOWN YOUR MESSAGE! - and I think he's right. Can we come up with 5 words that sum up NATO?

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Before there was the NATO5 -- or the NATO3 -- there was NATOin5. People tweeted their summaries of NATO in just 5 words (hashtag: #NATOin5). It all started with an interview between Eric Zorn and Andy Thayer about NATO ....

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Read about the #AfghanistanTuesday campaign - in which people made time every week to remember what's happening in Afghanistan and push for change.

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