Friday, April 6, 2012

NATO in 5

Eric Zorn has been pushing - BOIL DOWN YOUR MESSAGE! - and I think he's right.

Can we come up with 5 words that sum up NATO?

Here's my top 5:
What do YOU think? People are tweeting with the hashtag #NATOin5. How would you sum up NATO in five words?

* * * * *

"permawar" because the idea that NATO keeps war from breaking out is the exact opposite of the truth ...

"machine" because the idea that NATO does "humanitarian interventions" is the opposite of the truth ...

"expansion" because, far from "maintaining" the status quo, NATO is creeping toward 100% of the world's military power through their program of expansion ...

"dangerous" because NATO simply has too much firepower and too few limits ... there is no credible explanation of how they can possibly be limited or controlled ...

"criminal" because NATO kills, injures, tortures, imprisons ... all in contravention of established law, and all with no meaningful way for the rest of the world to bring them to justice
* * * * *
Top photo from Photos from Russia

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It's important that people are turning to the substance of the protests against NATO, particularly in a mainstream media outlet. It's important that everyone join this debate.

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NATOin5: People tweeted their summaries of NATO in just 5 words (hashtag: #NATOin5). It all started with an interview between Eric Zorn and Andy Thayer about NATO ....

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Far from bringing to light any kind of threat to public order, the prosecution of three young men in Cook County court is illustrating just how bad the surveillance and persecution state we live in has become.  Frankly, it's a mystery to me why State's Attorney Anita Alvarez -- or, if not her, at least someone she answers to -- didn't pull the plug on this embarrassing proceeding before it got this far.

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