Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Clearly: THIS church is ALIVE in the city!

Window art at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Logan Square, Chicago
(Created by Karlfred Design)
I love this new window art at St. Luke's Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Logan Square, Chicago.

Congregations That
Worship in Glass Houses . . .
It's cool that it emphasizes the transparent front window at St. Luke's Armitage Avenue location. (And isn't that the way we should be doing church? Out in the open for everyone to see?)

Palm Sunday March 20
in Chicago: Occupy!
. . . AND you can see the reflection of the neighborhood in the window. (St. Luke's is nothing if not a congregation that is connected to it's neighborhood.)

Being Church in
Logan Square, Chicago:
An Ecclesiophilic Reflection
When St. Luke's move to the new location a few months ago, I welcomed it as an opportunity to connect more, and further explore values of community, welcome, evangelism, mission, service, peace, progressiveness, neighborliness, justice, joy, ecumenism, reverence . . . . 

Clearly: THIS church is ALIVE in the city!


Wanna see more?

For the members of this congregation,
who will continue gathering as a people of God in a new place,
that today will mark not only the end of an era
but also the beginning of new opportunities for worship and service.

(See A Prayer for St. Luke's (Annotated and Illustrated) )

I believe when Jesus broke the bread and poured the wine and said "Remember me this way," he was much more interested in encouraging us to keep having conversations -- conversations that really matter -- with others . . . and finding ways to be in relationship with our neighbors  . . . all the while reminding us "never underestimate the power of food"  . . .

(See Get Outside Your Comfort Zone and Have A Conversation Today (Welcome to the Ministry))

"Could it possibly be that we're not supposed to try to hang onto people? Is is possible that we're supposed to prepare people, and then let them go?" 

(See What I Learned in Church (7 Habits)