Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Palm Sunday March 20 in Chicago: Occupy!

Occupy Palm Sunday 2016 in Chicago

One of the "seven habits I learned in church" is: be part of the wider community.

In Chicago, one of the things that means is noticing the worsening housing situation, and the failure of the City to live up to its responsibility to help people who live their have affordable housing.

Front and center right now is Lathrop Homes. First the the City let it go to ruin, and then it said that the only solution was to severely cut back the number of public units -- eliminating 525 of the 925 public housing units currently at Lathrop Homes. (See "Lathrop Homes plan seeks to preserve history, riverfront and public housing" in the Chicago Tribune, February 3, 2016.)

That's why activist congregations in the neighborhood will be at Lathrop Homes on Sunday for the 5th annual Occupy Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday procession in Chicago: members of Logan Square
Ecumenical Alliance en route to Lathrop Homes,
to protest CHA and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's failures.
(Photo: Rev. Drew Rindfleisch)

UPDATE: March 21, 2016

CBS: "Public Housing Advocates Take Over Vacant Units At Lathrop Homes To Protest Redevelopment Plan"

Chicago Tribune: "Group protests number of low-income units in planned Lathrop redevelopment"

Chicago Sun-Times: "Crowd protests Lathrop Homes redevelopment plan"

ABC: "Protesters against North Side redevelopment project arrested"

Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance in Chicago - Occupy Palm Sunday 2016:
at Lathrop Homes, protesting CHA and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's failures.
(Photo: FJJ - See full album on Facebook.)

MORE on Logan Square Ecumenical Alliance website ....

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(See Occupy Palm Sunday in 2016)