Friday, May 18, 2012

It Will Be Remembered as the #NATOvictims Summit

Rahm Emanuel thought it would be a great thing to hold the NATO Summit in Chicago. Little did he know that it would be remembered as the NATOvictims Summit.

A commemoration is planned for Monday, May 21, for all of the victims of NATO violence -- violence inflicted in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen ... and more.

People everywhere have already started to contribute to the commemoration.

On Thursday, we took to the streets of Chicago with posters showing victims of drones killings -- many of them small children -- and encouraged local people to join the protest against NATO violence.

Already, people around the world are using the Twitter hashtag #NATOvictims to bring forward the names of the victims who are left invisible to us.

Common Dreams reports that Amnesty International has just issued a report about #NATOvictims in Libya: "In a new report, Libya: The forgotten victims of NATO Strikes, Amnesty says that scores of Libyan civilians who were not involved in the fighting were killed and many more injured, most in their homes, as a result of NATO airstrikes. Amnesty International said that NATO has not conducted necessary investigations or even tried to establish contact with survivors and relatives of those killed."

How will YOU participate in the movement to obtain justice for the #NATOvictims who have already suffered NATO violence ... and bring about a world in which there will not BE any #NATOvictims any more?

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(May 21, 2012) As the Obama administration expresses fury at Pakistani resistance to further NATO war operations and excludes Pakistan's president from the NATO Summit, members of the wider community will gather to memorialize people killed by U.S. airstrikes and drone attacks in Pakistan as well as in the U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as U.S./NATO operations in Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere. Recognizing what veterans on Sunday called "the burden of blood that has stained these medals", Trinity Church has opened its lawn to expressions of grief and remembrance by the entire community.

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(April 9, 2012) It's time that we stopped kidding ourselves and faced the TRUE nature of NATO.

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By now, everyone is familiar with the story of the dozens of Pakistani soldiers who were killed by a U.S. airstrike. The U.S. has refused to apologize, and the outrage in Pakistan over Salala, ongoing drones strikes killing civilians, and other assaults led to the one really significant push-back on NATO during the summit.

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