Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#NATOvictims Memorial Continued: The Salala Attack

The NATO summit is over.

Our ceremony of remembrance for victims of NATO violence was held yesterday.

The press barely showed up for the ceremony, and there is no coverage on the Internet. Perhaps that's just as well. It reminds us of the stark truth: we're going to have to carry out acts of remembrance every day, and we're going to have to generate our OWN media for these events.

I continue Day Two with a memorial to the victims of the Salala Attack in Pakistan. By now, everyone is familiar with the story of the dozens of Pakistani soldiers who were killed by a U.S. airstrike. The U.S. has refused to apologize, and the outrage in Pakistan over Salala, ongoing drones strikes killing civilians, and other assaults led to the one really significant push-back on NATO during the summit. (See New York Times, Supply Lines Cast Shadow at NATO Meeting on Afghan War .)

Below are the names of the victims of the Salala Attack, supplied by @AhmerMurad via Twitter.

Shaheed Sepoy Tahir Mehmood
Shaheed Sepoy Najibullah
Shaheed Sepoy Kiramat Ali
Shaheed Sepoy Nasir Mehmood
Shaheed Sepoy Tariq Mehmood
Shaheed Sepoy Naeem
Major Mujahid Shaheed
Shaheed Sepoy Ibrahim
Shaheed Sepoy Ahmed Khurshid
Shaheed Sepoy Asghar Abbas
Shaheed Sepoy Hafiz Manzoor
Shaheed Sepoy Abdul Razzaq
Shaheed Sepoy Ghulam Abbas
Shaheed Sepoy Rizwan
Shaheed Sepoy Imran Yusuf
Shaheed Lance Naik Tariq Mehmood
Shaheed Lance Naik Raza Mohammad
Shaheed Havaldar Mushtaq
Shaheed Havaldar Aslam
Shaheed Havaldar Mumtaz
Shaheed Subedar Mannan
Shaheed Captain Usman
Shaheed Major Mujahid Ali Mirani

#NATOvictims #NoNato #SalalaAttack #NeverForget We salute you!
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Image source: The Nation (Pakistan)

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People around the world are using the Twitter hashtag #NATOvictims to bring forward the names of the victims who are left invisible to us. People everywhere have already started to contribute to the commemoration.

(See It Will Be Remembered as the #NATOvictims Summit )

There can be no question but that Americans and the rest of the world will eventually wake up to the terror being inflicted in their name on Pakistanis and others. The only question that will then remain will be whether Obama, Panetta, and the whole drone "kill chain" will be prosecuted as war criminals or as ordinary criminals. (And God help them if they are condemned to the limbo of "unlawful enemy combatant" - entitled to neither civil nor military justice.)   (See #NATOvictims - Drone Strikes in Pakistan )

This is not new in kind -- the U.S. dictates course of action (and inaction) to Pakistan all the time -- but in magnitude is probably the biggest thing since the Bush administration went to Musharraf shortly after 9/11 and said, "You're either with us or you're against us."

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