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Chenoweth on Why Nonviolence Gets Results (The "Cliff's Notes" Version)

Prof. Erica Chenoweth
Last week, I watched hours of coverage of the Campaign Nonviolence conference taking place in Los Alamos, NM.

I particularly liked the presentation given by Prof. Erica Chenoweth at that conference.  I found it so compelling, I tweeted the key points, just as fast as I could type.  You can watch the Chenoweth presentation here, or just read my notes below!

Basic findings

* Want to know which works better - #nonviolence or #violence? COUNT! (Retweet this.)

* Using the strictest measures - the #nonviolence approach still tallies more successes! (Retweet this.)

* "I was blown away" - the #nonviolence approach more successful by 2:1 margin! (Retweet this.)

* #Nonviolence #resistance works. (Even if YOU don't believe it!) (Retweet this.)

How nonviolence works

* #INCLUSION - #nonviolence campaigns work - 'cause they get more PEOPLE involved! (Retweet this.)

* in face of state #violence, #nonviolence #resistance actually gets MORE people involved (Retweet this.)

* (Put another way: #nonviolence is the way to get beyond "just males" protest) (Retweet this.)

* "looks like a party" ... "safety in numbers" ... [ ..... reach the tipping point!] (Retweet this.)

* fewer barriers to entry ... possibility of exit ... means MANY more participate (Retweet this.)

* Don't discount #moral factor: average person doesn't want to injure ( even in #army!) (Retweet this.)

BIG campaigns

* Q: What's the big deal about BIG campaigns? (Retweet this.)

* The bigger the campaign, the more it erodes "pillars of support" for power holders (Retweet this.)

* Big participation means you get inside heads of "instruments of repression" (#police) (Retweet this.)

* "Backfire" - even IF there's #violent repression, tends to ENCOURAGE more mass action! (Retweet this.)

* TWO big tools of #nonviolence #resistance: "concentration" AND "dispersion" (Retweet this.)

An example: IRAN

* Lessons of 100 days #revolution in #Iran - one of largest of all times (Retweet this.)

* Last 10 days of 100 days #revolution in #Iran - general strike, esp. #oil workers (Retweet this.)

* By end of 100 days #revolution in #Iran - even #POLICE were calling in sick (Retweet this.)

* #nonviolence campaigns TEN TIMES more likely to result in #democracy (measured at 5 yrs (Retweet this.)

Overcoming old myths

* all this contradicts MYTH: #nonviolence #resistance ineffective vs repressive opponents (Retweet this.)

* this ALSO contradicts MYTH: #nonviolence #resistance can't arise in closed society (Retweet this.)

* key MYTH to overcome: "little bit of #violence" helpful to (main) #nonviolence effort (Retweet this.)

* "little bit of #violence" PROBLEM #1: more generalized violence leads to lower participation (Retweet this.)

* if you're interested in #radical #change - look at the hard facts on what's worked w-w (Retweet this.)

Research challenges

* Research challenge #1: how can #minority movements draw in #majority? (Retweet this.)

* Research challenge #2: (indirect) #solidarity and #support: is it really contributing? (Retweet this.)

* Research challenge #3: what #leadership structure REALLY works? (Retweet this.)

* Research challenge #4: civil resistance in #war zones - e.g. #Iraq #Syria #Afghanistan (Retweet this.)

Taking this information to the wider world

* Big surprise: how ANGRY people get about #nonviolence! (vs. #violence) (Retweet this.)

* We're talking #paradigm shift! (Like Thomas Kuhn on #revolution in #science!) (Retweet this.)

* (PS - people's response to #Galileo was: KILL HIM!) (Retweet this.)

* "We must unlearn what we have learned." (Yoda) (Retweet this.)

* Maybe it's a problem of learning styles? (video vs text?) (Retweet this.)

* Teachers: ask for re-evaluation of #textbooks (eg #USA #history) (Retweet this.)

* #USA #history: learn about MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE underpinning #American #Revolution (Retweet this.)

RECAP: 4 attributes observed in successful #nonviolence resistance movement

* "Mass and diverse participation" (Retweet this.)

* "new techniques for #resistance" (Retweet this.)

* "obtain the defections of the elites" (Retweet this.)

* "maintain discipline in the face of repression" (Retweet this.)

FOR MORE: watch the full Chenoweth presentation here.

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