Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016: My 12 Favorite Posts

In 2016, I wrote a lot about nuclear disarmament and the global peace movement, church life and social justice, and trying to understand this diverse society we live in.


I did a close reading of E.M. Forster's A Passage to India. It reminded me of the power of literature to help a society begin to see itself in the mirror.

(See PROBLEM: How does an entire country exorcise a national delusion?)


I started to listen, and to think about what I heard . . . .

(See Listening for Community (A Chicago Encounter))


Remembering a friend who gently opened my eyes . . .

(See Don't speak Spanish? "Sure you do . . . .")


I realized I have been powerfully influenced by some people I never even met.

(See Thanks, Ravi)


We need to stop "marking" dates . . . and start taking action.

(See OBAMA: First stop, Hiroshima; second stop, Moscow)


"We need to first acknowledge the genocidal origins of OUR nation’s history of ethnic cleansing and occupation."

(See Native American Rights: Acknowledge the Occupation)


It's time to start thinking about the saints in my life.

(See Who Ya Gonna Call? (Saints for All Times))


An important part of my life is the church I belong to, and its renewal as a strong force for social justice.

(See "Personal Success Story"? "White Privilege"? or Both?)


I spent a week in DC, and came back convinced we need to push harder to get nuclear weapons under control.

(See NUKES: Your Call to Your Congressman Matters)


I took time to think about what might be different about a movement directed toward a world beyond war.

(See WAR: Headed for the junkheap, yes . . . but how quickly?)


This map provoked a lot of thinking about what will be the most important development of 2017: negotiations on a global ban on nuclear weapons.

(See Who would possibly vote "NO" to banning nuclear weapons???)


An idea that I have been developing throughout 2016: a globally networked peace movement.

(See How Does the "Internet of Things (IoT)" Bear on Global Peace Work?)