Monday, July 11, 2016

Memo to #Hillary: #BlackLivesMatter

Just about the only way Hillary Clinton could manage to fail to beat Donald Trump in 2016 is if a large block of voters abandons her in disgust.

Memo to #Hillary: #BlackLivesMatter (please retweet)

I'm perplexed that the Democratic Party does not have a more forthright response to the urgent need to intervene in the most life-threatening racist institutions in the US.

The obvious consequence of their failure to step up will be that people who believe #BlackLivesMatter will refuse to vote in November.

Maybe we should tell them loud and clear right now: tell us what you're gonna do or face a voter boycott.

I said it a year ago: "If elected . . . ." (The Election 2016 and #BlackLivesMatter Nexus)

(Cue sound of sand running through hourglass . . . . )