Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cal: Savvy Fossil Fuel Divesters

"Carbon bubble" and "stranded assets" are concepts that climate activists in the University of California are learning to emphasize:

"[I]nvesting in fossil fuels places the UC on top of a carbon bubble that is doomed to pop. Fossil fuel companies currently hold five times as much carbon in their reserves as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change deem as safe to burn. That means the UC is investing in companies with trillions of dollars in stranded assets and stocks that are doomed to collapse as the globe transitions to a less carbon-intensive economy." ("It’s time to fully divest from fossil fuels," Daily Californian, March 13, 2016.)

As I explained in a recent post, they are actually doing their institution a favor by getting them to see The Feel-Good Folly of Fossil-Fuel Valuation.

Who knows? Maybe the "radical" Cal community will beat the "Nobel club" at U Chicago to the finish line by being the first to arrive at a sound, post-fossil-fuel era investment portfolio?