Thursday, July 31, 2014

USA: Proud Sponsor of T E R R O R in Gaza!

ORIGINAL POST: Last night (November 19, 2012) on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, with my latest sign:

USA: Proud Sponsor of T E R R O R in Gaza!

(Photo by friend Sarah. Thanks to antiwar radio producer Dale Lehman for help carrying this around downtown Chicago!)

Two things drive me nuts:

First, reading the statements from Israel justifying the latest murders of people in Gaza as responses to the action of this or that "terrorist."
Let's be clear: there can be no greater act of terrorism than bombing a civilian population -- as Israel is doing once again in Gaza!
Second, listening to people simper about how "maybe the U.S. will urge the Israelis to act with restraint."
The #1 supporter of the terror that Israel is perpetrating in Gaza is the United States. Israel is doing the work set out for it by the U.S. government, against victims for which the U.S. government bears full responsibility, using weapons and money supplied by the U.S. government.
Until people get straight on those two things, there's no possibility of an intelligent conversation about what's happening in Gaza, and how to get justice for the people there.

UPDATE: JULY 31, 2014

Yesterday, as I prepared to head down to a press conference at Chicago's city hall, this was one of the images coming out of Gaza:

Terrifying image of #Israel-i airstrike on #Gaza's Tuffah neighborhood 
on front page of @Independent (Pic: EPA)

It was striking to see how closely today's reality matches the image on the protest sign I painted nearly two years ago -- during one of Israel's other attacks on Gaza. And, yes, the latest attacks are still being carried out with weapons supplied by Chicago-based Boeing.

When are we going to put a stop to this?

As always, Eric J. Garcia is right on target

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July 2014 - Many organizations from across the city joined the call by Anti-War Committee – Chicago, Jews for Justice in Palestine, U.S. Palestinian Community Network and 8th Day Center for Justice: Protest Boeing Death Machines in Gaza: Demand Chicago Drop Boeing from Air and Water Show!

(See No Drones Illinois Endorses Call to Drop Boeing from Chicago Air and Water Show)

Now that the Israeli government's killings in Gaza are front-page news -- particularly the way military aircraft is being used to mow down innocent men, women, and children -- Boeing's involvement is in everyone's face.

(See Boeing Has an Israel Problem . . . and Chicago Has a Boeing Problem)

Year after year, hundreds of thousands of people from Chicago and the surrounding area gather on the lakeshore to watch aerial displays by an array of planes. Most don't suspect that they are being subjected to an intense propaganda effort by multiple branches of the U.S. military.  The Chicago Coalition to Shut Down Guantanamo views this as a perfect opportunity to engage with the public and enlist them in the growing movement against U.S. war, torture, surveillance, and other crimes.  We will join activists from many other peace and justice groups who have had a growing presence at this event in recent years.

(See August 16-17: Protest U.S. Kidnapping, Torture, and Drone Assassinations at the 2014 Chicago Air and Water Show Protest )

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Students at DePaul University had a graphic message for the Chicago community when they protested the killings in Gaza:

"Gaza's blood is on our hands."
"Students protest outside of the Arts & Letters building on the Lincoln
Park Campus Tuesday, Sept. 30." (Amanda Crane / The DePaulia)

"After last year’s 1,575-1,333 affirmative vote on the resolution to divest, the ball is now firmly in the court of DePaul Divest, the coalition that has spearheaded the movement on campus. The group must make a case before the university’s Fair Business Practices Committee within the academic year in order for divest to even be considered." ("Gaza conflict extends Divest debate at DePaul" by Brenden Moore in The DePaulia, October 5, 201)