Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SCARRY SIGNS: Protest Art in Chicago (Make them remember you!)

This past fall, a friend said to me, "It's good that you came to the demonstration; it would be even better if you brought a sign!"

That was the start of something I've enjoyed a lot. And a lot of those signs have found their way into my blog posts.

Below are some of my signs - "Scarry signs" -- linked to some of the blog posts that relate to them!

got police state?
indefinite detention

Don't like (encampment)?
How about (revolution)?
Chicago: All Signs Point to Revolution

Welcome to Chicago! You're Under Arrest

Obama Nobel Peace Prize - REVOKED!

Solidarity January 25 Tahrir Square
Can Chicago Walk Like an Egyptian?
Arab Spring

Raytheon . . . General Dynamics . . . Boeing
USA: Proud Sponsor of T E R R O R in Gaza!

protest art from West Bank wall
Completed "Wall" sign boards
for Good Friday event (April 18th, 2014)

on the Working Group on the Middle East (MCS, ELCA) site

I was hungry and you fed me
Occupy Food Justice!
hambre y me disteis de comer

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Here's something that would be courageous and valuable, in my opinion: zero in on the handful of people in the world who have their fingers on triggers of the massive nuclear arsenals that threaten us, and bring them to heel. That would be impressive.

(See The Wrong 3,000,000 Covers: Quel dommage! )

From the paper, and the typefaces, and the inks, the love of the beauty and antique quality extends inward to the subject matter -- not surprisingly, hand-printing is often used for special editions of poetry -- and outward to the covers and bindings made of marbled paper and leather and other materials.

(See "Antique," "Literary," "Natural," and Other Subversive Terms in America )