Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Shall We Tell Obama, Chicago?

Barack Obama will be back in Chicago on Friday to raise money for his re-election campaign.

Apparently, yesterday's article in the New York Times about how Obama makes decisions to kill people in other countries with drones has done nothing to hinder his re-election aspirations.

Barack Obama (l) and child drone victim (r)

However, many people are outraged -- and at least some of them have a new image seared in their minds: the image of Obama side by side with one of the children he has killed using drones.

What do people in Afghanistan expect people in Chicago to tell Obama?

"Is it only terrorism if it's against U.S. or its allies?
What would u call U.S. drones strikes if you lived in Pakistan?"

What do people in Pakistan expect people in Chicago to tell Obama?

"#Chicago should tell #Obama that we want #NoDrones in #Yemen.
Enough is enough. Stop killing civilians."

What do people in Yemen expect people in Chicago to tell Obama?

What do people in Somalia expect people in Chicago to tell Obama?

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There was a lot of noise in Chicago during the NATO Summit. But one message we managed to get through -- at least to some people -- was that people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and many other places are being injured and killed in their names ... and that if that bothers their consciences they can get active and do something about it.

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By now, everyone knows about the New York Times article describing Barack Obama's personal administration of drone killing around the world. What few people are willing to face up to is that Obama 2012 partisans actually see this as a way to get a lot of Americans to like Obama: "This is the candidate; you MUST support him!"

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A major focus of the demonstration was an undeclared U.S. war: the killing of hundreds of Pakistanis in secret attacks, principally using drones. Yesterday, people from throughout Chicago -- and especially from the Pakistani-American community -- stood up to say the drone attacks must end, and we must hold those who are responsible accountable.

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