Thursday, March 29, 2012

Occupy Palm Sunday! in Logan Square

Contact: Joe Scarry
Pastor Erik Christensen (St. Luke's Logan Square)
Pastor Bruce Ray (Kimball Avenue Evangelical Church)
Pastor Ramon Nieves (Humboldt Avenue United Methodist)

Sun April 1
11:45 Congregations March to Logan Square Monument
12:00 Arrival at Logan Square Monument (Kedzie/Logan/Milwaukee)
12:30 Speakers & Potluck

See full PHOTO GALLERY below!

Four Chicago Congregations Converge in Logan Square to Occupy Palm Sunday!

Chicago 3/29 -- Members of congregations from across Logan Square and Humboldt Park will be processing from their respective houses of worship to the Logan Square monument at the end of services on April 1 to Occupy Palm Sunday! Participants will be singing and chanting songs of protest and praise as they occupy the green space at Kedzie, Milwaukee and Logan Boulevard.
The event will feature a series of teach-ins on topics reflecting the real needs of our neighbors in Logan Square and the ministries of our congregations. Specifically, we’ll be presenting news, information and opportunities for service and advocacy on matters of healthcare, housing, hunger and immigration. Community members are encouraged to attend, and bring a dish to share. All are welcome at this public event, regardless of faith background or religious identification.

Sponsoring congregations:
First Lutheran Church
Humboldt Park United Methodist
Kimball Avenue Evangelical Church
St. Luke's Logan Square

Endorsing organizations:
Occupy the Northwest Side

"Join" on the Facebook event page for Occupy Palm Sunday! in Logan Square
Read details of the program for Occupy Palm Sunday! in Logan Square


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Members of St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square process to the Occupy Palm Sunday! event

WELCOME! Pastor Bruce Ray from Kimball Avenue Church at Occupy Palm Sunday

Jesus Loves Immigrants! Members of Humboldt Park United Methodist, together with seminarian Bill Novak and Pastor Ramon Nieves

Laura Leon from St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square talking about the need to provide health care for all

Singing around the Logan Square Eagle at Occupy Palm Sunday! - Pastor Ramon Nieves, Pastor Erik Christensen, seminarian Francisco Herrera, members of their congregations, and other members of the Logan Square community

Andy Willis from Kimball Avenue Church on the need to provide shelter for all!

Joe Scarry from St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square: Occupy Food Justice!

Occupy Palm Sunday! poster art: Andrew Willis
Photos: FJJ

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