Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Occupy Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday falls on April 1 in 2012.

In Chicago the following weekend, besides being Easter, people who have been looking to the Occupy movement as a source of community will gather on Saturday to "Occupy Spring".

And Chicago has a longstanding tradition of getting into the street during Holy Week, with the Good Friday Walk for Justice.

I've been thinking about the Occupy movement and what it has to do with Christian witness. The conclusion I've come to is: a lot! In fact, I think it's central to our understanding of what Christ's life and death meant. What would Jesus do? Occupy!

So I propose that churches across Chicago -- and elsewhere! -- plan on a real Palm Sunday this year -- and Occupy it!

Palm Sunday

What will people be doing when they Occupy Palm Sunday? It could be anything really, but for starters I'm imagining they will:

* get outside their churches and into the public spaces in their communities

* celebrate Jesus' teachings

* enjoy a meal at which everyone in the community is welcome

* talk with each other about what's really important

Who knows? There may even be palms .... ;-)

Those are my ideas for how to Occupy Palm Sunday. Anyone else got any ideas?

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Think back on everything that has happened in the last year. Is it time for things to quiet down? To have a "nice" spring? To sit back and be entertained by the usual presidential campaign circus?

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Chicago, March 29, 2012 -- Members of congregations from across Logan Square and Humboldt Park streamed from their respective houses of worship to the Logan Square monument at the end of services on April 1 to Occupy Palm Sunday! Participants sang and chanted songs of protest and praise as they occupied the green space at Kedzie, Milwaukee and Logan Boulevard . . . .

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On Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013, people who long for peace and justice in our city gathered at St. Luke's Lutheran Church of Logan Square to begin to talk about what real change would look like. It was a joyous and hopeful event as we aimed to eliminate all violence in our community in 10 years! Zero in Ten.

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Palm Sunday - April 13, 2014 - Building on the success of our December 2013 “Posada for Public Housing,” we focused on issues of housing in Logan Square as we heard testimony from people experiencing eviction and foreclosure and campaigning for quality, affordable public housing. We considered faithful responses to our neighbors' needs, and provided opportunities to get directly involved.

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"Missa dos Quilombos" asked for forgiveness and sought healing for the legacy of slavery in Brazil. Dom Helder celebrated the Quilombo Mass. He said: "Mariama [Mother Mary], we aren't here to ask that today's slaves be tomorrow's slave masters. Enough of slaves! Enough of masters! We want liberty!" The beating of the drums was overpowering, they exploded like the screams of our souls!

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