Saturday, December 24, 2011

Can Chicago Walk Like an Egyptian?

Description below of December 23 action in support of Egyptian protesters. The Global Day of Support for the Egyptian Revolution on January 21 will be EVEN BETTER!

* * * * *

Yesterday, people in Chicago marched in solidarity with protesters in Egypt and other countries that are part of the Arab Spring - including Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and Palestine.

It was a day for sharing the message of solidarity with the Arab Spring with people up and down Michigan Avenue.

It was a day for interrupting the flow of Miracle Mile shopping with a rally in front of the Egyptian Consulate.

It was a day for delivering a message to the representatives of the current government in Egypt.

It was a day to hear the latest updates from Tahrir Square.

It was a day to express respect.

On the day that Chicago was standing in solidarity with Egypt, Egypt was once again standing up for its rights.

By coincidence, the day before had seen a press conference about threats to civil liberties in Chicago. Mayor Rahm Emanual has introduced changes in local law to sharply limit the rights of Chicagoans and others to express dissent.

In Chicago, we talk a good game. We talk as if we're not going to let anyone push us around. But when push comes to shove, will we insist on our right to free speech and free expression, or will we cower in our our homes and apartments?

Chicago can talk the talk. Now it's time to find out: can we walk the walk?

Photos courtesy FJJ. (Tahrir Square

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