Monday, August 15, 2022

City on Fire: Why Chicago's Resolution Opposing the Nuclear Threat Is DIfferent

The City of Chicago adopted a resolution earlier this summer calling for steps to eliminate the nuclear threat. (See "Chicago Adopts 'Back From the Brink' Resolution.")

This spring, I visited the Chicago History Museum and spent some time looking at the exhibit about the Great Chicago Fire -- City on Fire: Chicago 1871.

I was struck by the resonance of many of the objects and images with what I saw in the museum in Hiroshima when I visited there in 2015.

I've written a lot before about how Chicago has a special role to play in helping to bring about the end to the nuclear threat. Now I would add one more reason for it to take a leading role in abolishing nuclear danger: Chicago has a communal memory of what it means to be a city on fire.

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