Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Why Do Nuclear Weapons Matter to Chicago?

The moment you visualize the effects of it on an actual place (that is real to you) -- as an actual eventuality that is really possible -- the topic of nuclear weapons becomes completely different.

For those who live in my former hometown, it's startling to realize that a metropolitan area like Chicago could be wiped out by a nuclear weapon.

The most-read post on this blog in the past three years -- far and away -- has been:
What Would a Nuclear Weapon Do to Chicago? (Go ahead, guess . . . )

One possible reason is pending Chicago City Council Resolution R2021-920 -- "Call for United States government to cease spending federal tax dollars on nuclear weapons, embrace United Nations Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and make global nuclear disarmament main focus of national security policy."

Similar resolutions have been passed in Skokie and Evanston.

In the days ahead, I'll be adding more materials to supplement the material originally provided in that post.

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