Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 Ways YOU Can Make a Difference on #NoNukesTuesday

#NoNukesTuesday art ... courtesy @natriverascott

In light of the upcoming review of the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)
and the fact that organizations throughout the country and worldwide are organizing to press the U.S. to substantially reduce its stores of nuclear weapons (see: CALL TO ACTION: Spring/Autumn 2015 Mobilisation), it seems like a good time to use social media to get EVERYONE on board!

What if we chose a day of the week -- say, Tuesday -- to join our voices and lift up the demand for the elimination of nuclear weapons? Could we help build toward a powerful spring 2015 nuclear disarmament mobilization?

The antiwar movement had a good experience with this type of social media activity in recent years with #AfghanistanTuesday . . .  in the run-up to the NATO protests in Chicago in May 2012 . . . . The time has come to turn up the volume again.

How about it? #NoNukesTuesday anyone?

Here's how you can make a difference:

(1) Tweet, Retweet, "Me-Tweet," Follow on #NoNukesTuesday

If it's Tuesday, it's time to say: #NoNukes . . .
Nuclear Disarmamanet
If you can only invest a few minutes every Tuesday, you can help by going to #NoNukesTuesday on Twitter and adding your voice:

* retweet (RT) the #NoNukesTuesday tweets you find valuable

* augment/paraphrase ("me-tweet" - MT) #NoNukesTuesday tweets you find valuable

* add your OWN tweets with the hashtag #NoNukesTuesday
* follow others who are participating in #NoNukesTuesday

Let's go for a new form of "proliferation" -- making the nuclear disarmament message fill cyberspace every Tuesday!

(2) Pull in local organizations

What are the peace and justice organizations that you work with in your community?

Ask them to participate in #NoNukesTuesday -- and encourage them to devise a BIG presence in the spring 2015 nuclear disarmament mobilization!

"Fromm: Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament"
on the Peace Couple blog
(3) Link to your own writing on nuclear disarmament

Do you have a blog? Or have you been intending to start one? Now's the time to introduce others to what you have to say about nuclear disarmament.

Share you blog posts about eliminating nuclear weapons on Twitter using the #NoNukesTuesday hashtag.

(4) Tie in to other social media

The peace and justice movement is barely touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast array of social media that can be used to make #NoNukesTuesday big. There are all kinds of unexplored possibilities . . .

Tuesdays are the days when you can introduce others to ways to tie into the nuclear disarmament movement on other platforms: Facebook . . . Tumblr . . . Reddit . . . Instagram . . . .

Check out the #NoNukesTuesday community on Google+!

Join us! Tweeting every Tuesday in a movement to
eliminate #nuclearweapons #NoNukes #NoNukesTuesday
(5) Invite more people to #NoNukesTuesday

As everyone knows, when a genie gives you three wishes, the third wish should be . . . for more wishes.

The way to make sure #NoNukesTuesday becomes more and more effective is for EVERYONE to invite more people -- every week -- to be part of it.

These are just 5 ideas . . . I'm sure there are at least FIFTY ways all of us can make a difference on #NoNukesTuesday .

Let's get to work . . .

5 Ways YOU Can Make a Difference on #NoNukesTuesday

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There are three centers of power that will impact nuclear disarmament: the President, the Congress, and the people. One of them will have to make nuclear disarmament happen.

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There is an eerie similarity between events in the book Paul Revere's Ride and events in our world today. I'm thinking particularly of how a network of mass resistance springs into action.

(See New World Counterinsurgency: Deja Vu All Over Again)

There are so many people to thank . . .
Through the visual arts ... photography ... film ... teaching ... activism ... publishing ....

So many people are making a difference in eliminating nuclear weapons . . . . 

(See GRATITUDE: People Are Making the Difference in Eliminating Nuclear Weapons )

People assemble every week -- in growing numbers -- to lift their voices together in opposition to continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

It may get loud . . . .

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I've realized that when we ask ourselves, "What is it that we hope people will do?" we must include an element of recursivity: One of the things we want people to do is to involve more people in doing it. In a way, that element of recursivity -- dare I say "evangelism"? -- defines what it means for people to really become part of a movement.

(See Invite More People into Activism! (Pass It Along!) )

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