Monday, April 10, 2017

Global Network of Bloggers for #Nuclearban

We Can Blog It!

Part of the global network of activism in support of a treaty banning nuclear weapons (#nuclearban) are articles and blog posts on platforms large and small -- like this one -- getting the news out.

The network consists of thousands of individuals contributing in myriad ways. (What are you prepared to do?)

I'll start with a small list of articles and blog posts below, and expand it in the days and weeks ahead.

The mother blog

The website of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) features a blog with frequent updates by ICAN's campaigners.


"Answering deceptive arguments against a nuclear weapons ban" by Cesar Jaramillo. "A majority of nuclear-armed states and their allies — including the United States and most other NATO members, such as Germany and Canada — have actively opposed this effort and have openly tried to undermine its rationale. . . . And while it is hardly surprising that the very states that rely on nuclear deterrence would oppose a legal prohibition of nuclear weapons, the primary arguments used to oppose the ban cannot withstand close scrutiny. They are either misleading, based on a dead-end logic, or outright wrong."


"Can unarmed states prohibit nuclear weapons?" by W.P.S. Sidhu @wpssidhu (visiting professor at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs and associate fellow at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy) "[D]espite the growing disconnect between the emerging nuclear disorder and the evolving world order, the nuclear weapon states (also permanent UN security council members) failed to accommodate aspirant powers and establish a new world order that was not based on nuclear weapons."


"Britain Should Be At the UN Talks to Ban Nukes" by Kate Hudson @kate4peace2017. (Kate Hudson is general secretary, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament - CND.) "[I]n spite of successive British governments’ supposed commitment to multilateral disarmament — a pledge repeated just last summer in Parliament’s debate on replacing Trident — Britain opposed the negotiations taking place and is boycotting the talks."

"THE WORLD – NAE PLACE FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS" by Janet Fenton @Janetfenton. "The non participating states ‘protest’ stunt outside on the first day, saw the UK right up there outside the room, misrepresenting Scotland with even more insouciance than they demonstrated over Brexit."


"As a mother, I fight for nuclear abolition. . . ."
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"An Open Letter to Nikki Haley" by Anna Ikeda @anna_ikeda. "I know that, when my son grows up, he will be proud of me for being part of this movement to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He will understand that there is no better way to make this world safe, than removing the very causes of danger."

"#NuclearBan: the US Government Must Disarm" by Jared Labell @libertarianinst "Until the nuclear arsenals of governments around the world are abolished, the continuation of civilization as we know it forever rests on the integrity of politicians, bureaucrats, and chance – a frightening thought, indeed."

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