Sunday, April 16, 2017

North Korea and #NuclearBan

Uncle Sam to Kim: "MADMAN!"
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The confrontation between a world that wants to get rid of nuclear weapons and a US that loves its nukes is coming to a head.

People are starting to realize the hypocrisy of the US embrace of "deterrence" and its disdain for the wishes of the world community to ban nuclear weapons.

And North Korea is playing a role in throwing that hypocrisy into high relief. North Korea voted in favor of the UN negotiations currently going forward to bring about a nuclear weapons ban. Now, they are challenging the US to participate. "The [North Korea] spokesperson said the UN conference reflects the aspiration of all humanity for a complete dismantlement of nuclear weapons. But the spokesperson added it's unclear if negotiations will produce any results because nuclear powers such as the United States have refused to take part." (See: "N. Korea Not to Attend UN Negotiations on Nuclear Ban")

I often read the Chinese language paper published in the US (World Journal), and I've noticed that there are frequent cartoons that emphasize the US hypocrisy in its confrontation with North Korea, and suggest the irony that the US is getting its comeuppance from "little" North Korea.

A friend shared the cartoon above, and it inspired me to together more of these cartoons and share them . . . .

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UPDATE: April 20 - Apparently Vice President Mike Pence thought the cartoon that leads off this post was not explicit enough, so he created his own version:

@FitzpatrickIISS: Pence repeats that all options are on the table
re #NKorea, but rules out negotiation. Does he get the irony?

@Max_Fisher: this is among the most ridiculous things i have ever heard . . .

Pence: "I thought it was important that people on
the other side of the DMZ see our resolve in my face."

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