Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Kids' Art Says "NO WAR!"

Children have a crystal clear idea of the world we need. (One without war, that is.) They can even draw us adults a picture.

V @auroandre12:
"To save the world... My little bro Andrea has created a monster eats-war!"
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I love the image above, shared on Twitter by @auroandre12 with the message "My little bro Andrea wants to save the world... My little bro Andrea has created a monster eats-war! #NoHate #NoWar." "My monster that eats war" is depicted eating paura (fear), guerra (war), armi (guns), egoismo (selfishness), odio (hate), razzismo (racism), and cattiveria (wickedness). Andrea is 7 years old.

Maybe we need to hear less from politicians and more from 7-year-olds.

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