Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#NOwar - Permanently Trending on Twitter? YES!

All they are saying . . . .
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#DalaiLama: "we have been brainwashed" #NOwar
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What value might be obtained by having a really high quality "channel" on social media that people can tune in to for news and ideas about war abolition?

Currently, there is a growing community of people sharing links, images, and ideas using the #NOwar hashtag.

The key to making #NOwar trend -- and trend permanently -- is to have a lot of very high quality material there.

One way that I plan to help is by providing visual material -- "memes" -- that emphasize the "YES! #NOwar" message, and encourage people to spread the message and create materials of their own.

War abolition is a multi-pronged effort. The #NOwar channel on Twitter is a place for the whole world to bring the best ideas into a single place, for re-dissemination.

The forces of militarism have been very good at perpetuating a global state of war - a "permawar" worldview. Isn't it time we started to seize back the attention of the world for the vastly more popular #NOwar worldview?

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What I'm feeling particularly energized about is the potential for the thousands of people who have already signed on as supporters of World Beyond War -- as well as millions more who are expected to do so soon -- to become active participants in spreading this good news.

(See News Worth Spreading: "There IS An Alternative to War!" )

One thing that is clear to me is that the way community forms on Twitter bears the closest resemblance to the characteristics of community formation that we, as activists, need to work with from now on.

(See Twitter Community for Activism: What Do We Understand?)

I'm learning, along with everyone else, about good ways to get the message out on social media. My contribution this week will be to create "memes" (graphic + text) that can be conveniently shared by others on Twitter and Facebook.

(See "Memes" for Peace and Planet)

#FridayFeeling challenge . . . .

I found this great image here . . . . Let's see some people create some great #NOwar #peace memes . . . please share them with me @scarry and I'll share them with my network!

Speak out BOLDLY!
If you ask these kids what they really want --
fewer wars?
less destructive wars?
or no wars at all?
what do you think they would say?
Make #NOwar - trend on Twitter - until it's a reality . . . .
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Some more great YES! #NOwar materials . . . .

You put it perfectly, @planetepeace: "YES! #NOwar"
@CampaignNV @antiwarcom @peaceandplanet @VFPNational @CODEPINK
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#Dissent: it scares the hell out of #war makers
@MintPressNews @BORDC @defenddissent #NOwar
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#NOwar: the first step is truly saying NO ...
for then we begin to SEE the alternatives!
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#Japan #NOwar activists ROCK!
Let's support them!
@STWuk @berlinSTOPwar @Coley_EJ @teensSOWL
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Let's see #AmericaTogether saying #NOwar!
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Thanks new followers! Please share what YOU are
 doing to create a world beyond war! #NOwar
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Every speech act adds to the momentum . . . .
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LOVE this #NOwar mural from #Somalia
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"That bird really is a dove asking us for world #peace" #BernieSanders #NOwar
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A little Iraqi orphaned girl drew a picture of her mother on
floor #heartbreak #NOwar v @BecckyP @aiww @mutalabala
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In times of peace, the war party insists on making preparation for war.
As soon as prepared for, it insists on making war. (Robert M. La Follette)
(How do YOU say #NOwar?)
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