Friday, June 3, 2016

Product of Ghana: #NOwar / Pro Peace Music

It's good to get to know socially conscious musicians and other artists from around the world. One of Ghana's leading celebrities, AK Songstress, has a new song, "No War," to encourage peaceful elections.

AK Songstress: "No War"
Ghana holds national elections in November. The big issues are economic.

Ghana is hugely important to all of us. In 1957, it became the first sub-saharan African nation to declare independence from European colonisation, and its leader at the time, Kwame Nkrumah, was one of the leaders of the world decolonization and liberation movement. Today, as the world becomes more and more attuned to events in West Africa, and particularly to conflicts in Nigeria and other countries, the experience of Ghana with democracy and development is suggestive for the whole region.

I discovered the AK Songstress song via Twitter. AK Songress connects to the antiwar legacy of world music -- "in the era of legends like Bob Marley, he was always advocating for peace, unity, love and tolerance" -- and the song's press release emphasizes,

"The issue about election is of national concern to each and every discerning Ghanaian which must be healthily addressed. Without love, unity, peace, tolerance, harmony and fairness, all of our human efforts in the sight of God and man will be useless. Whether one belongs to party A, party B, party C or party D, we need to tolerate and respect each others view whenever one has a good agenda, after all we are all Ghanaians. Let’s forget about the party colours and put Ghana first."

(See AK Songstress drops peace song #NoWar)

Hmmm . . . not a bad message for everybody . . . #NOwar . . . .  

"No War": give it a listen!

PS - Check out this story about the help AK Songstress to safe sex campaigning in Ghana, too.

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If you want to hear a really angry antiwar ballad, listen to "Wooden Ships" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash:

If you smile at me, I will understand
'Cause that is something everybody everywhere does
in the same language . . . .

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An amazing thing that will be happening -- in fact, has already begun happening -- here in Berkeley is a performance of Britten's War Requiem.
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Ravi Shankar is a great example of someone bringing a special point of view to pierce the bubble of "normalcy" in which a vast number of people live, and to agitate for tectonic change.

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