Sunday, March 27, 2016

EASTER 2016: "The darkest hour is always, always just before the dawn ...."

"Winter Storm Clouds from Lawrence Hall of Science"
(More beautiful photography of the Nature of Berkeley.)

I gathered with others from First Congregational Church of Berkeley atop the ridge overlooking San Francisco Bay at 6:00 am for the Easter sunrise service today.

As planned, our celebration began before the first signs of dawn, and I felt grateful for the reminder: in the moments before the light appears, it can feel awfully, awfully dark.

It made me think of the words by David Crosby:

But you know
the darkest hour
is always
just before the dawn. 

Crosby wrote those words, it is said, during a very long, very dark night. (You can read about "Long Time Gone" here.)

I believe the US, and the world, is quickly becoming aware of the darkness into which we are plunging.

Will we make it to the dawn?

Watch Crosby, Stills, and Nash perform "Long Time Gone":

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Every time I've heard an ambulance in the past forty or so years, I've thought, "help is on the way."

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The song's lyrics alternated between "talking about the passion" and "carrying the weight of the world," over and over again. It was as if to say, "This is something we are going to keep working through, again and again, until we come to grips with it."

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I believe Easter is God's gift to humanity of victory over death, hopelessness and frailty, and I believe that God is alive and in our midst. The witness of the Guantanamo lawyers has confirmed me in those beliefs.

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