Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas: "Help is on the way . . . "

Lights in the darkness

When you eat breakfast every day with a pastor, you're likely to encounter all kinds of questions.

Around this time of year, you might hear (in a matter-of-fact sort of way), "So . . . what does "the incarnation" bring up for you?"

And  . . . when you live across the street from a hospital, you hear ambulances go by frequently.

Recently, the ambulances and the questions reminded me of a story . . .

Back in the '60s, we had a family friend name Larry who was a philosophy professor and also a volunteer ambulance driver. One day we were together and we heard the sound of an ambulance in the distance. One of us shuddered and said, "The ambulance siren . . . it means someone's been hurt."

Larry (who frequently offered up the other side of things) replied, "Oh, don't think of it that way . . . . What the sound of the ambulance means is 'help is on the way.'"

Every time I've heard an ambulance in the past forty or so years, I've thought, "help is on the way."

And now, since that breakfast, I think, "help is on the way . . . like the incarnation."

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