Friday, September 13, 2013

Asters for Eva

My mom passed away three years ago at this time.

I think of her when the asters start to come out.

I love to walk around North Pond here in Chicago and notice the asters as September stretches into October.

Asters are exuberantly showy - with lots of different types competing to outdo each other: "Look at me! Look how purple I am!" "No, me, look at me! I'm even more purple!"

I never thought of Mom as being "showy," and yet there's something about those shades of purple that remind me of how she used to dress for church on Sundays, and it makes me smile to associate her with asters.

Eva Scarry

And she could hold her own with any showy flowers!

Here's are some albums we put together with more of pictures of Mom and of her garden.

More wildflowers . . . . 

(Also ... check out Seamus Heaney reading this poem in memory of his mother ("When all the others were away at Mass.)

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