Monday, June 24, 2013

Morning Glories on Point Alanna

All summer long I run along the lakefront in Chicago. My turnaround point is Point Alanna. (OK, I call it Point Alanna; most people know it as the point at North Avenue Beach.)

Point Alanna is where I pause to look out across Lake Michigan and think of my daughter, Alanna, over on the other side. (I can often sense that she is picking up the thoughts I am sending her, and sending good thoughts back to me.)

The other thing I do at Point Alanna is marvel at the morning glories that grow in the dunes.

They remind me of the morning glories that used to grow on a trellis in front of my grandfather's house.

And day that starts with morning glories on Point Alanna is a good day!

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Cottonwoods! They serve to anchor the dune and create an environment in which a ridge can build up and more and more plants can take hold. (Good.) And then they take over everything. (Not so good.)

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On Sky Sunday, I will also be thinking about the sky over Chicago — especially when that sky is filled with birds on their semi-annual migration. Or, to be more precise, I will be thinking about the treetops by the lakeside filled with migrating birds, seen against the background of the fall sky.

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Chicago has a tremendous head start in being a place that is inspired by the beauty all around us to do the difficult things that are needed. And Chicago is so beautiful all summer long, there's no reason to leave the city. Think of all the carbon emissions save on car and jet travel!

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