Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's Time to Derail "the CIRR"

UPDATE: The People are taking on the "CIRR"

Please support the effort to derail the "Chicago Injustice Railroad" by coming out in solidarity at the following events:

Friday Feb 15 - PACK THE COURTROOM II - Free the NATO5!
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On February 15, 2013 three of the NATO 5--Brent, Brian, and Jared--will again appear in court as the motion to dismiss the unconstitutional charges against them proceeds. It is crucial that people attend these hearings to show them that WE SUPPORT THEM and to show the state that WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED. The motion to dismiss makes clear: the state is trying to use the bogus terrorism statute to intimidate EVERYBODY; it's using Brent, Brian, and Jared as pawns. IT'S TIME FOR THAT TO STOP! (Read Kris Hermes' excellent summary.) 26th & California - Hearing starts at 9:30 a.m.

Thursday Feb 21 - Oral Arguments: Class Action on Chicago Torture Cases
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Key question being argued on Feb 21: Does the States' Attorney Office have a conflict of interest in this case? We need EVERYONE there to show support for the efforts of those seeking redress for violence perpetrated against them by the Chicago Police Department. This is part of the effort to get new hearings for scores of men still in prison who are victims of Burge's CPD torture squad. (See related background story on this class action suit.) 26th & California - 1pm press conference, 2pm hearing.

Saturday Feb 23 - 2nd People's Hearing on Police Crimes
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Full day event at U of C - The Second #PeoplesHearing on Police Crimes will focus on the problem of police crimes, exploring how police crimes affect violence in the community, and encourage distrust and violence between the community and the police. The Hearing is also a call to action where we will discuss solutions to hold criminal police accountable for their actions, and for ending the absolute police impunity that currently exists. Ida Noyes Hall - event runs 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ORIGINAL POST: January 29, 2013

I want to be in the courtroom on Thursday when Anita Alvarez' office submits its brief to explain why IT should do the people's business in pursuing justice for the men tortured and imprisoned by the Chicago Police Department, the State's Attorney's office, and the Cook County Criminal Courts.

And I REALLY want to be there during oral arguments when the ridiculousness of their position is laid bare for everyone to see, and to dwell on, and for the judge to rule against. We need to be witnesses . . . .

Thursday is part of something big. There is a people's movement going on in 2013 to derail the CIRR - the "Chicago Injustice Railroad." Judge Biebel's courtroom on Thursday (Thursday, January 31 - Cook County Criminal Court - 26th and California, Room 101) is just one stop.

Another stop on the CIR will be in Judge Thaddeus Wilson's courtroom (303) on February 15, when Anita Alvarez' office submits its brief to explain why the bogus Illinois terrorism statute is not unconstitutional on its face. We need to be witnesses there, too . . . .

At both these hearings -- and others -- the people will pack the courtroom. Because it's the people's courtroom, and the people want the operators of the CIRR to know that they see what's going on and "the jig is up."

Will YOU be there when we succeed in finally derailing the CIRR?

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The Chicago Tribune editorial page today featured the words of Cook County Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn in a case of police lying on the witness stand: "Obviously, this is very outrageous conduct. All officers lied on the stand today. ... Many, many, many, many times they all lied."

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The NATO3 trial was full of evidence of what "law enforcement" consists of today: undercover cops goading and prodding and coercing people toward doing something -- ANYTHING -- that can be ginned up into a prosecution.

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Yesterday was a day of moving testimony before the Committee on Human Relations of the City Council of the City of Chicago on a resolution to make Chicago a torture-free city.

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