Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where's Herblock When You Need Him?

The legendary political cartoonist Herblock famously depicted Richard Nixon arriving for the Republican National Convention by emerging from the sewer.

With the ignominious exit of the G8 from Chicago, I can't help but think that Herblock would have had just the right way of characterizing their departure.

Hmmm ... perhaps there's a Scarry Sign in here somewhere ... ?

"!? -- They were here a minute ago!"

Herblock cartoon: The Wall: Discussing SF Politics
Storm drain image: Open Water Chicago

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This past fall, a friend said to me, "It's good that you came to the demonstration; it would be even better if you brought a sign!" That was the start of something I've enjoyed a lot. And a lot of those signs have found their way into my blog posts.

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In a way, you can hardly even say I "write" blog posts. Mostly I just post FJJ photos with a few words attached. And I know a lot of other beneficiaries of Frank's photos who feel the same way.

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For an example of Andy Willis' amazing activist poster and cartoon art, see the story of the December, 2013, posada in Logan Square.

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