Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March 18: Chicago to Protest Ongoing WARS!

A march will take place on March 18 in Chicago's leading South Asian neighborhood to protest ongoing U.S. wars:

3 PM, Sunday March 18
Devon Avenue & Hoyne Street
The event is cosponsored by: Pakistan Federation of America, Pakhtun Jirga, Pakistan United Parade Committee and the Midwest Anti-War Mobilization. Please "join" the Facebook page for this event and "invite friends" as widely as possible!

A particular focus of this march will be the militarization of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries by U.S. drones. I have written frequently about the threat of drones:

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So ... on March 18 ... please plan to participate in this important event!

* * * * *
And DRONES are just part of the larger problem: the urgent need to DEMILITARIZE Afghanistan!
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