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Friday, January 27, 2012

#NoIranWar: #AfghanistanTuesday times TEN!

This week I'm encouraging all the top #AfghanistanTuesday tweeters to focus on getting the word out about #NoIranWar. Here's why:

* Saturday, February 4 is a National Day of Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran. Over 25 cities in the U.S. and Canada already have #NoIranWar rallies planned!

* If we really want to get the U.S. out of Afghanistan, the very best thing we could do is to act NOW to PREVENT the U.S. entry into ANOTHER war. The sooner the talk of war against Iran stops, the sooner we can return to the difficult problem of getting the U.S. out of Afghanistan.

* This is an opportunity to build the #AfghanistanTuesday network. We've talked a lot about the need to dramatically increase the number of Tuesdayistas and get the antiwar word out. This is an opportunity to make that real.

That's why I'm reaching out to top #AfghanistanTuesday tweeters to look at the three important links below and ask yourself, "How can I use my Twitter network to increase the reach of the #NoIranWar effort by a factor of TEN?"

> > > National Day of Action to Stop a U.S. War on Iran -- Rallies EVERYWHERE!

> > > Will the Occupy movement take a leading role in saying NO to war against Iran?

> > > Find friends participating in #NoIranWar on Facebook! And invite more!