Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How YOU Can Become a "Tuesdayista"! (Twitter Activism on Steroids)

I'm a Tuesdayista. Are you?

Perhaps someone has sent you this message on Twitter:

@(your screen name) PLEASE! Become a & ask 10 more folks to (become a & ask 10 more folks to (become...

Tuesdayistas are people who (a) take time each week to participate in a national (and now global) conversation about ending the war in Afghanistan; AND (b) help spread the word by reaching out to others (who will reach out to others (who will reach out to others .... to do the same!

"Tuesdayistas" mark their calendars 
for Twitter activism every Tuesday
. . . and invite OTHERS!

The easy part is part (b) - which you can accomplish by sending 10 specific people (using the @ sign) a Twitter message like this:

@(friend's screen name here)PLEASE! Become a and ask 10 more folks to (become a and ask 10 more folks to (become...

The fun part is part (a) - because you are participating in a real conversation based on what you think is important and what you think will be effective in bringing about an end to the war. The important thing is to show up!

Why do people make time on their calendars to work to end the war in Afghanistan on Tuesdays?

For me, I'm not doing it because I like thinking about war. I like thinking about other things -- a lot of other things! Films and flowers ... poetry and painting ... just take a look at the A-Z list on the lower right hand side of this page!

But a series of events have happened that have made me realize we are going to be in a state of perpetual war unless a lot of us get serious about stopping it. Maybe it was the drones .... Maybe it was Guantanamo .... Maybe it was the way our military adventures have come to resemble those of the worst villains of the past ....

Whatever it was, I decided I needed to put a stake in the ground. The way I do that is by working together with others in my city who are active trying to end war, and by joining hands every week with people around the country and around the world via Twitter on #AfghanistanTuesday.

#AfghanistanTuesday is important for me because it reminds me to focus, and because seeing so many other people working enthusiastically to end war gives me hope.

Taking a stand: everyone gets there in their own way. This is how I became a Tuesdayista! So . . .

@(screen name here)PLEASE! Become a and ask 10 more folks to (become a and ask 10 more folks to (become...

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In light of the upcoming review of the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) and the fact that organizations throughout the country and worldwide are organizing to press the U.S. to substantially reduce its stores of nuclear weapons, it seems like a good time to use social media to get EVERYONE on board!

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I've realized that when we ask ourselves, "What is it that we hope people will do?" we must include an element of recursivity: One of the things we want people to do is to involve more people in doing it. In a way, that element of recursivity -- dare I say "evangelism"? -- defines what it means for people to really become part of a movement.

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People assemble every week -- in growing numbers -- to lift their voices together in opposition to continued U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

It may get loud . . . .

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Tuesdays . . . think of the possibilities!

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An election is coming and the handwriting is on the wall: Tuesdayistas (together with the rest of the American electorate) are gonna throw the bums out.

What do Tuesdayistas foresee?

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