Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Never Try to Silence a Tuesdayista

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Rule Number One: Never Try To Silence a Tuesdayista ... it just makes them angry!

I'm grateful to some horticulturalist friends for this bit of insight.

In the tallgrass prairie native to Chicago, there are certain flowers that are very pretty but if you try to cut them down, they just come back ten times as strong.

For instance, this is the delicate goldenrod:

Goldenrod (singular)

And this is what it looks like when you try to cut down the goldenrod to make room for other flowers:

Goldenrod (plural)

Moral of the story: don't try to cut down the goldenrod. It just makes it angry!

The people who are native to Chicago are sort of the same way. They look innocent enough, but whatever you do, don't try to shut them up.

Exhibit A:

"I am a little upset."
Midwestern (singular) protest.

Exhibit B:

"NO WAR!" to the nth power
Midwestern (plural) protest.

Any more questions?

This is true on #AfghanistanTuesday, when people are working to end the war in Afghanistan, or, for that matter, on any day of the week.

Lately, there has been more and more interference with the speech rights of Tuesdayistas and others who oppose U.S. wars and want to express their political views. The result has been that the antiwar voices have come roaring back ten times as strong.

Moral of the story: never try to silence a Tuesdayista. It just makes them angry!

The reason that Chicagoans (and other Tuesdayistas) won't be silenced has something to do with their deep roots. But that's a story for another day ....

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