Sunday, November 13, 2022

Again: Dreaming of a nuclear explosion ...

A few months ago I wrote about a dream of a nuclear explosion.

This morning I came across notes I made about a year and a half ago -- Easter, 2021 -- of another dream of that type:


detail from cover of LIFE Magazine, 9/29/1967:
"The chilling facts behind the decision to build

I am walking with some people – we look up in the sky and see a bright spot in the night sky coming toward us.

We realize it is a (nuclear) missile and try to run from the point of impact. ( … through … ? … I guess that means running from the city center.)

We reach a place where there is a shopping mall. It’s unclear that’s a good place to seek shelter, but we go in.

Up and down within the shopping mall complex.

When we venture out, there is white powder on everything.

We begin the long trek – to what?

There is a moment when we must pick a direction. Someone wants to head toward NYC. I say, “No – we will just run into the river with no way to cross. We should go north – towards upstate NY.”

We follow the highway.

It makes me wonder: (a) I think about the problem of nuclear war constantly. I'm surprised that I don't have dreams like this more often! (b) Are other people having dreams like these?

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