Saturday, November 14, 2015

Election2016 after Paris: It's time for someone to show leadership

It looks like foreign affairs are about to take center state in Election 2016.

Democratic Debate Focus Shifts After Paris Attacks
CBS News scrambled Friday evening to devise questions
relating to terrorism and foreign affairs (Rolling Stone)

I wonder if any candidate in the Democratic debate tonight will put forward a real vision for peace.

A place to start might be with empathy.

Rebecca Solnit on Facebook:

San Francisco City Hall litup in the French tricolor tonight. We are all
Parisians. As they said on September 11, We are all Americans.

We are all of them. Dead children. Wounded women. Blood-soaked 
men. Bellicose politicians. Marginalized children of immigrants.
Furious young men who believe in violence. Old women who believe
in kindness. People who opened their doors to take strangers in.
Taxi drivers taking people home for free. Marchers carrying flags
right now, defying the orders to go in and to be afraid.

When will we elect a leader who understands the true nature of violence?

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Anyone who has had to write a speech knows that the hardest part is to land on the main idea. Once you've got that right, the rest practically writes itself.

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An art installation by Jim Shaw, "Labyrinth," and Picasso's "Guernica": I wonder how many viewers will make the effort to tease out the parallels -- and contrasts -- between these two works.

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I wonder if the outrage that many Muslims seem to feel at the suffering of other Muslims doesn't put us Christians to shame.

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