Monday, December 8, 2014

#GOODBYENUKES: 10 Images I'll Be Sharing From #HINW14Vienna

I'm responding to my own call to take the big "Aha!" moments from the two conferences held in Vienna (ICAN Civil Society Forum: Courage to Ban Nuclear Weapons and Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons) and broadcast them WIDELY:

"It's up to those of us with networks in the U.S. to get the word out to people in this country about the what nukes do to people -- and the need for people to become active in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons." (See "NEEDED: MESSENGERS - Americans Need to Hear the Awful Truth of Nuclear Devastation ")

Below is my list -- being built in real time -- of the 10 things I think are most important for people everywhere to hear. (What's on your list? See #goodbyenukes and #HINW14Vienna for more.)

#1 - Try to imagine what really happens if the unimaginable fire and blast of a nuclear weapon detonation were to occur where you live.

"Dr. Ira Helfand @ippnw on horrific consequences of a #nuclear
explosion: 'every living thing would die' "

View this 4 minute video of Dr. Helfand summarizing the effects of a nuclear weapon detonation.

#2 - In a hundred different ways, people explained the risk - and came to one conclusion: "hoping" that there will not be a detonation of a nuclear weapon -- relying on luck -- just isn't good enough.

from ICAN @nuclearban
"Eric Schlosser is speaking at ICAN's civil society
forum tomorrow #goodbyenukes #HINW14vienna"

"The world was lucky in the 20th century to avoid a
nuclear Armageddon. In the 21st century a new international
consensus isemerging: nuclear weapons are only useful
for killing or terrorising civilians." - Eric Schlosser

The only acceptable risk management lies in elimination.

#3 - And what of those who remain living and uninjured after a nuclear explosion? Hundreds of thousands or millions would be left homeless, desperate for a safe haven in the face of mass disorganization.

"Population Displacement: Displacement in the aftermath
of nuclear weapon detonation events"

In a nutshell: we know a lot about preparing for and responding to population displacement, and what we know is that use of nuclear weapons would overwhelm what we are able to do. The only solution is prevention.

Read the full briefing paper from International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI) and United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research(UNIDIR): "Population Displacement: Displacement in the aftermath of nuclear weapon detonation events" by Dr. Simon Bagshaw

#4 - Survivors of the U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima testify.

from Kevin Clarke @ClarkeatAmerica
"162 names of 162 schoolgirls who died in Hiroshima.
Setsuko: 'I remember each one.' #goodbyenukes #hinw14vienna"

Let us honor their courage by banning nuclear weapons in their lifetime.

#5 - The impact of nuclear weapons is gendered. (What about decision-making about nuclear weapons?)

from Ray Acheson @achesonray
"Thanks to @DisarmamentIRL for suggesting that women need to be involved
in risk assessments and decisions on nuclear weapons #HINW14vienna"

Read more on "Gender and Disarmament" on the Reaching Critical Will website.

#6 - The people of the Marshall Islands are dying due to nuclear testing by the U.S.

from Mats Molland Haug @matsmoll
"The people of the Marshall Islands are dying due to
nuclear testing by the U.S. Never bomb again! #HINW14Vienna"

Read about the specifics of the lawsuit against the U.S.: Marshall Islands Sues Nuclear "Haves"

#7 - @Pontifex (Pope Francis) weighs in . . . . "ensure that nuclear weapons are banned once and for all" . . . .

from Arms Control Assoc @armscontronow
"RT @NPSGlobal: Read the full Pope Francis @Pontifex
message to #HINW14vienna today."

(1.214 billion Roman Catholics worldwide (17.5% of the world population) on #NoNukesTuesday? It could get loud . . . . )

#8 - If nuclear weapons are used, the consequences are global. ("nuclear winter" = "nuclear famine")

from Scottish CND @ScottishCND
"Ira Helfand, @IPPNW describes a nuclear winter which is chilling
in more ways than one #goodbyenukes #HINW14vienna"

(Read more about nuclear winter and nuclear famine on the website of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.)

#9 - The UK is in the cross-hairs, and it's not just a handful of peaceniks in Scotland that have figured it out.

from Angus Robertson @MorayMP
"Welcome news that UK Government finally u-turned and will attend conference
on humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons #HINW14vienna"

(More at "No Nukes Politician" -- IS There Such a Thing ??? and YES! to Scotland; No Place for Trident .)

#10 - Chicago is downwind of the targeted missile installations in the Great Plains states.

from Arms Control Assoc @armscontronow
"MT @StephenUCS: Matt McKenzie @NRDC presents on fallout
of #nuclear attack on US ICBM bases #HIHNW14vienna No winners"

(Not that it's all about me . . . . )

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