I've written a lot of posts as I've tried to work through how to be an activist.

Here are several posts that have been particularly helpful to me.


As an activist, I tend to be hell-bent on having an impact! Occasionally, I'm able to remember that the most important thing -- even more important than the impact that I'm trying to have today -- is to be able to keep on being an activist for a long time to come. To accomplish that, each of us has to take care of ourselves.

"Ownlife" - A Notion Too Dangerous for the State to Tolerate?

Company On the Walk "Back From the Brink"

A Multitude of Reasons to Work to Prevent Nuclear War


Often, I'm so anxious to change the world that I don't take enough time to care for my comrades. I'm trying to remember: there won't be any change if I'm out there trying to change the world by myself. Here are some comrades I'm grateful for:

Frank James Johnson

Pat Hunt


I take my inspiration from diverse sources . . .

Chelsea Manning

The Guantanamo Lawyers

"You're NOT alone!" (Ziggy the Subversive)

Kazashi Nobuo: "Peace Worker"

Unfinished Business in Chicago (Nuclear disarmament, that is)

Looking at Rachel Carson (at St. Luke's "School for Prophets")

The Children Are Waiting


As an activist I've marched in a lot of protests and done a lot of shouting. With each passing year, I discover the value of doing more listening.

Four Aids for Those Important, Difficult Conversations

The Lesson of Reykjavik: TALK About Nuclear Disarmament (You Never Know)


For the issues I work on, a lot of the focus of change is Congress. I've learned to embrace it . . . and to hold on to a strong dose of righteous anger at "business as usual."

Visit Congress in Person

J'ACCUSE: The Beneficiaries of Permawar


I find my ideas getting changed by others all the time. Some of the biggest changes have come from thinkers who have offered brand new perspectives on basic things I'd always looked at the same way for years and years and years.

A Checklist for Critically Reading (and Writing) About North Korea

Can Shirin Neshat's Film "Women Without Men" be a US-Iran Cultural Bridge?

360 Degree Feedback in New York (2014 NPT Prepcom and How the World Views the United States)

How Might the White Church "Die to 'Whiteness'"?

Drones, 1984, and Foucault's Panopticon


My activist years have corresponded to the explosion of a new thing called "social media." I've knocked myself trying to get the word out by using new online tools. The only thing I'm sure of is that the ground keeps shifting beneath our feet . . . and that we're never going to go back to "the way things used to be."

The World Turned Upside Down - Huff Post, Wash Post, and Twitter

Creative Resistance 101: Uncle Tom's Cabin

IMPACT FILM: Understanding What Guantanamo Means From "The Response"

BLOGGING: The No Drones Network and other initiatives

 ... and of course, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned protest sign!


I have been involved in so many activities. Today the question I consistently ask myself is, "How is this helping us expand the circles of participants?"

January, 2012, Protests in Chicago Against Guantanamo Detention

FAITH-BASED ACTIVISM: Are there any limits to its potential?

Chenoweth on Why Nonviolence Gets Results (The "Cliff's Notes" Version)

Go Where the Conversation is Taking Place

Invite More People into Activism! (Pass It Along!)


A few final thoughts:

In Whose Machine Will YOU Be a Cog?

Preventing Nuclear War: The Work of a Lifetime

My Single-minded Focus: the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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