Sunday, March 26, 2017

Japan to Address UN on Nukes. (USA a No-Show?)

Hiroshima dome and #nuclearban: Japan to address United Nations

Within the last few days, the government of Japan has released dramatic news: it will, in fact, participate in negotiations on a global nuclear weapons ban that begin at the United Nations on March 27. (Background: NUCLEAR WEAPONS BAN TALKS: With Japan at the Table (Hopefully) )

Now, Japan is announcing plans to make an opening speech at the conference: "Japan's UN diplomatic sources say officials are now arranging to have Tokyo's envoy to the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament, Nobushige Takamizawa, speak." (Source: NHK World)

The governments of the US, as well as the UK, Canada, Australia, and other Western allies are planning to boycott the talks. At the end of last week, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley released this statement and accompanying pictures:

Tweet by US Ambassador to the UN @NikkiHaley:
"We recently met with ambassadors about
the upcoming conference to establish a
treaty banning nuclear weapons. We
would all love to see the day when nuclear
weapons were no longer needed; however,
to ban nuclear weapons now would make
us and our allies more vulnerable, and
would strengthen bad actors like North
Korea and Iran who would not abide by it."

If the only country ever to use nuclear weapons against another country refuses to attend the speech, before the UN, of the country upon which it used them, it will be a historic moment. And a tragic one.

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