Wednesday, September 21, 2016

#Peacework on #PeaceDay: Support Another #Peace Worker

There are a thousand different ways to engage in effective peace work. One way: support and encourage your fellow peace workers. Like Chelsea Manning . . . .

Write a letter . . .

Hey Patriot!!
a lot of friends and
supporters are thinking
of you today -
a very happy birthday to you!!
Michael Stipe
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(Follow these instructions for precise mailing address for Chelsea Manning at Leavenworth.)

Watch the video . . .

Sign the petition at . . . .

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Is it possible that the course of these lives wouldn't have been quite the same without that moment of encouragement? Have you experienced this in your own life?

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The song's lyrics alternated between "talking about the passion" and "carrying the weight of the world," over and over again. It was as if to say, "This is something we are going to keep working through, again and again, until we come to grips with it."

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