Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Brexit"? How about "Nitchit"? (NATO: Ditch it!)

The vote on UK quitting the European Union (EU) -- "Brexit" -- proves one thing: in 2016, people can get their minds around quitting NATO, too . . . if we help them!

NATO: Soooooo 1949!! (Isn't it time to ditch it?)
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What I learned during the NATO protests in Chicago in 2012 is that the vast majority of people don't understand what NATO is, much less why it poses a problem.

We need a visual message -- provocative, memorable, smart -- that members of the general public will carry with them. It needs to be something that people don't want to simply forget. It needs to leave a nagging question percolating in their brains.

One thing we have going for us is that, more and more, people are realizing that the East-West confrontation of the US (and its allies) vs. Russia is passé. (Hence the B/W image above.) With each day that goes by, NATO-style scaremongering carries less and less weight with the average person.

What more and more people are scared about is the huge number of US and Russian nuclear weapons, sitting ready to be used.  As an affirmative message, people really understand that the there is a need for leaders to quit making and excuses and get together and solve this problem:

Putin and Obama: #talk

The best way to stop wasting time and start moving toward real security?

(NATO: Ditch it!)

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Today, we may not be seeing kinetic (currently unleashed) violence on anything like the scale that consumed Europe and other parts of the world and resulted in 60 million deaths. Instead, thanks to technology, we have potential (waiting to be unleashed) violence -- nuclear devastation just the push of a button away.

(See Obama's (and Putin's) Missed Opportunity at Hiroshima)

It seems like an appropriate time to remember the protests against NATO in Chicago in the spring of 2012. (What do YOU remember about the NATO protests?)

(See Flashback: Protesting NATO in Chicago - May, 2012 )

Three factors have played a big part in Germany's decision to go 100% "zero nuclear" by 2022 has relied on : the threat posed by the big powers, soul-searching within a very "bourgeoise" society, and organizing.

(See GERMANY TURNS OFF NUCLEAR: The long road to freedom . . . . )

Conveniently, a large military alliance -- NATO -- bristling with weapons, has announced itself ready to step in and contest annexations of territories by Russia. For NATO, the measure of resolvability of conflict is firepower.

(See Crimean War? Crimean Showdown? or Crimean Mediation? It's Time for Americans to Get Some New Vocabulary )