Tuesday, November 3, 2015

PROTESTS IN ILLINOIS: Do these people look like they're gonna back down?

People in Illinois are standing up against the attempt by Governor Bruce Rauner to gut services in the state.

As he has done so many times in the past, Frank James Johnson has documented the protest. His coverage of the November 2, 2015, Moral Monday protest in Chicago is a powerful witness to what's being done by courageous people there.

Let the pictures tell the story . . . .

The day kicked off with remarks from a large group of community leaders.
(Shown here is Toby Chow, a seminarian at LSTC.)
The site is the Illinois State offices (the Thompson Center), with the
Chicago court building and City Hall in the background (center and rear right).
The tower behind Toby is the Chicago Temple.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

We stand on the shoulders of giants.
Portraits of Harriet Tubman, Jane Addams, Gandhi, and others
accompanied the protesters.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

The Rauner budget is
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Fashion statement for the day:
Rev. Jason W. Coulter models the clerical collar combined with
a bright orange Community Renewal Society "Faith in Action" t-shirt.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Rauner's machete,
Safety-net confetti.
Jerry Parker marches with FairEconomyIllinois.org supporters.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Members of Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
stand in solidarity and say, "Tax LaSalle St. now!"
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

"Terry Duffy and CME: Support the LaSalle Street Tax!"
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Members of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus.
(Do not mess with these people!)
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Protester Ron spells it out:
"I don't need an eye chart to see that
Gov. Rauner's cuts are heartless and devastating!
Welcome to Raunerville Illinois."
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Sister Kathleen Desautels of 8th Day Center for Justice and others
say "Terry Duffy and CME: Support the LaSalle Street Tax!"
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Clergy and other protesters at front entrance to Chicago Board of Trade.
(Rev. Emily Heitzman is at center rear - see her article "The Pastoral
is Political: Why I Was Arrested At Moral Mondays IL"

(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Rabbi Brant Rosen speaks out.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

These people aren't backing down.
(Photo courtesy FJJ)

Moral of the story: You do not want these people pissed off at you!

Maybe Bruce Rauner doesn't have a conscience. But how long will it be before he figures out that stirring a hornet's nest is bad for business?

Another great day for business in Illinois!
    Brought to you by . . .
Bruce Rauner

Check out many more stories and images at #MoralMondaysIL on Twitter.

More images from Frank's album on Facebook.

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