Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marriage Equality Is a Human Right

I was in Springfield Tuesday with thousands of other Illinoisans to encourage our state legislature to pass the marriage equality bill (SB10). Even if you weren't there, you can get a sense of what it was like -- raindrops and all! -- thanks to the dozens of photos my friend Frank took. Enjoy!

"Logan Square Supports MARRIAGE EQUALITY!" -- (l-r) Joe Scarry,
Noel Spain, Rev. Erik Christensen, Rev. Kim Beckmann -- aka the
St. Luke's Logan Square crew. Kim's sign says "Illinois: For the
love of God (and I mean that sincerely) PASS Marriage Equality NOW!" 
"5th Amendment: Civil Rights for ALL; 14th Amendment: Equal Protection
PROGRESS doesn't grow on bigoTRIES
"MARRIAGE: a civil, social, and LEGAL institution under which two consenting
 adults establish their life-long relationship based on love and commitment"

"Marriage equality is a civil right for all"
"We have a dream
that one day our children
will be judged not by
who they LOVE, but by the
content of their character!
"From Plainfeld, IL: for friends, family and students"
"From Sheridan, IL: for my son and yours!"
"From Frankfort, IL -- for love is love is love is love IS LOVE!"

"Oh, it says gay marriage is a sin in the Bible?
Wonderful, now show me where it says so in the Constitution!"
"Our children need the same PROTECTIONS your kids have!!!
Civil Unions do not equal Civil Marriage"

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