Monday, February 2, 2015

#NoNukesTuesday, meet @PeaceAndPlanet !

Peace and the Planet Conference and Rally
April 24-26, 2015 * New York City
Great news! The 2015 mobilization for nuclear disarmament got a big boost in the last week with the establishment of a robust website focusing on the Peace and Planet Mobilization for a Nuclear-Free, Just, and Sustainable World taking place in New York City April 24-26, 2015, in conjunction with the NPT RevCon.

To celebrate, #NoNukesTuesday on February 3 will focus on spreading the word!

Please follow @peaceandplanet, share the new site with friends and contacts, and join us on #NoNukesTuesday to tell us how YOU will be participating in and supporting the Peace and Planet Mobilization!


Visit and share

Follow and support @peaceandplanet

Help us build the #NoNukesTuesday
twitterstorm for nuclear disarmament

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In light of the upcoming review of the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) and the fact that organizations throughout the country and worldwide are organizing to press the U.S. to substantially reduce its stores of nuclear weapons, it seems like a good time to use social media to get EVERYONE on board!

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2015 "No Nukes" Mobilizations planned in the US already include New York City in April, Nevada in March, and New Mexico in August.

(See Key 2015 Events for Nuclear Disarmament Movement Organizers )

The reward for committing to spend some time every week on the issue of nuclear disarmament -- e.g. developing the habit of being part of #NoNukesTuesday every week -- is that you start to see the forest for the trees . . . and you start to see how big this movement for nuclear disarmament is really growing.

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