Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SNAPSHOT: #NoNukesTuesday January 20, 2015 - The Movement is Alive!

The reward for committing to spend some time every week on the issue of nuclear disarmament -- e.g. developing the habit of being part of #NoNukesTuesday every week -- is that you start to see the forest for the trees . . . and you start to see how big this movement for nuclear disarmament is really growing.

For instance, on Tuesday, January 20, 2015, I learned . . .

There is a real debate happening right now in the UK about eliminating nuclear forces there:


As my MP I'm asking you to vote against
Trident replacement on Tuesday 20 January.

£100bn on a Cold War relic that does nothing
to secure us could be better spent on the
NHS, education and public services.

Meanwhile, people in the U.S. are wising up to the way the "nuclear threat" posed by Iran is being demagogued:

"The end of [Iran] negotiations isn't an unintended
consequence of Congressional action. It is very much an
intended consequence."(Senator Tom Cotton)

Luckily, the nuclear abolition movement is alive in the U.S.:

Global Zero tweet for January 24, 2015,
"Say NO to $1 Trillion Nuclear Arsenal"
protest in Washington, D.C.

And people recognize the threat posed by nuclear weapons is real and urgent:

What would happen if a nuclear weapon exploded over Chicago?

What's left to do? We need you to help put the power of network to work and bring about real nuclear abolition!


Put #NoNukesTuesday on your calendar.

Find #nonukes activities near you.

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In light of the upcoming review of the NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons) and the fact that organizations throughout the country and worldwide are organizing to press the U.S. to substantially reduce its stores of nuclear weapons, it seems like a good time to use social media to get EVERYONE on board!

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It's up to those of us with networks in the U.S. to get the word out to people in this country about the what nukes do to people -- and the need for people to become active in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons.

(See NEEDED: MESSENGERS - Americans Need to Hear the Awful Truth of Nuclear Devastation )

There is so much more to do, so many ways we can turn up the volume . . . ! Do you have ideas about how to carry #NoNukesTuesday into Tumblr . . . Instagram . . . Reddit . . . ?

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