Thursday, August 14, 2014


Can communicating with people via Twitter help relieve the feeling of terror and despair one feels as the war jets roar overhead in Chicago and we think of the people suffering because of us around the world?

Each time I hear the jets scream by again I think of #Gaza ... #AirandWaterShow #GazaInChicago

I think as those jets screech by, remember that #Gaza heard that and worse for weeks

"AM I IN GAZA? #airandwatershow pilots harassing muh eardrums

RAGE at power that says "we can do whatever we want and you can't
do anything about it" AirandWaterShow #GazaInChicago

What do YOU feel when you hear the jets go screaming by?

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When Chicagoans fully succeed in fully connecting the dots -- especially to the crimes being committed in their name with their tax dollars and the weapons produced by their favored corporate citizen, Boeing -- I think there will be some new and different phone calls taking place . . .

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Before there was the NATO5 -- or the NATO3 -- there was NATOin5. People tweeted their summaries of NATO in just 5 words (hashtag: #NATOin5). It all started with an interview between Eric Zorn and Andy Thayer about NATO ....

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Read about the #AfghanistanTuesday campaign - in which people made time every week to remember what's happening in Afghanistan and push for change.

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