Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can the People Stop the Wars?

Today is a National Day of Action.

By coincidence, there was a nationally-coordinated effort to shut down the Occupy movement in the past few days.

Today, massive protests are expected in cities across the country.

Antiwar Protest

What does all this mean for people who have been earnestly trying to end U.S. wars in Afghanistan and other places?

When we raise our voices again next Tuesday on #AfghanistanTuesday, what will be different?

Are we getting any closer? Are we learning anything?

How do we get results? Can we stop settling for anything less than an end to all this war-making?

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Read about the #AfghanistanTuesday campaign - in which people made time every week to remember what's happening in Afghanistan and push for change.

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I've realized that when we ask ourselves, "What is it that we hope people will do?" we must include an element of recursivity: One of the things we want people to do is to involve more people in doing it. In a way, that element of recursivity -- dare I say "evangelism"? -- defines what it means for people to really become part of a movement.

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One place I've focused my activism is my church community. Last fall, at the time of the Afghanistan invasion anniversary, I posed the question, "Where is the Church?" In the weeks and months that followed, I realized that I, myself, had to be part of the solution of giving direction to the Church.

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